The Shortie™ Sleeves: you can't afford a weak bite.

The Shortie™ sleeve is the highest quality sleeve in the world! Just as professional athletes vary their training regimen to achieve the highest level of performance, the Shorties™ work with other Softshell Sleeves™ to develop a dog's fullest, most powerful grip. Used with expertise, the Softshell Sleeve System™ develops the hardest biting, most athletic dogs.

Shortie™ Sleeve
The Shortie™ Sleeve
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Sleeve & cuff
Sleeve & Cuff

Available in varying levels of hardness:

The Shortie™ Lite

  • Use for a smooth transition from the Chomp™ to harder Shorties.™
  • Great for dogs at all levels.
  • This sleeve compresses enough to be used with younger dogs, and is still hard enough for more advanced dogs.

The Shortie 0™

  • A strong sleeve; requires more strength from the dog in order to compress.

The Shortie X,™ Shortie 2X,™ Shortie 3X,™

  • Each sleeve is incrementally more difficult for the dog to compress; the 3X requires the most force from the dog.

Why is it called the Shortie?™

The Shortie™ Sleeve (and all our sleeves, actually) have a minimum of "overhang" extending beyond the hand position, keeping optimum leverage for the handler and enabling quick, athletic action.

Mix it up!

Use these sleeves interchangeably to vary the dog's training regimen. The Shortie™ and all our Softshell Sleeves™ use the same dimensions of the elbow axis to the forearm and the hand position. This enables the trainer to move easily between different sleeves without having to develop different muscle memory for different sleeves. The similar appearance and construction make it easier for both the dog and the trainer to transition from softer sleeves to more advanced sleeves.

  • Lightweight and comfortable for dog and helper.
  • Helps develop a comfortable, full-mouth grip -- an absolute requisite!
  • Available in varying levels of hardness.