The Pozer™ Muzzle

The Pozer™ Muzzle provides the design refinements and manufacturing detailing you have always wanted. The Pozer™ Muzzle shell is hardened, molded holster leather which is fluted to reduce impact shock during protection training.

The Pozer™ Muzzle teaches the dog to use his head and body as a weapon.

  • Reduces impact shock
  • Steel frame
  • Inside bite bar
  • Unique design

The muzzle front bumper is select latigo leather, molded over a stainless-steel frame. The frame angle reduces impact pressures on the dog's nose, providing support and building the dog's confidence. The design includes a bite bar on the inside, which the dog can reach when the front bumper is pushed against a target.

The hardware and leather are the best available. You will be delighted by the quality and utility of these innovative, technically superior muzzles.

  • The M'Pozer™ is designed for Malinois and standard shepherds.
  • The L'Pozer™ fits large shepherds and dogs with shepherd-style heads.