Deputy Jim Barnes (retired)
El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department
Some years ago my good (and greatly missed) friend Art O’Keefe told me about this great training equipment manufacturer that he had found named “Harddog’s Requisites,” located in the heartland of the country, Tennessee. When I next saw Art (at a Police Service Dog Competition) he showed me the body suit he had obtained from Harddogs. Even after just a cursory examination of the suit, I immediately decided that this (IMHO) was the best body suit I had ever seen.

Jumping ahead about 20 years (hard to believe that I have been doing Police Service Dog Training for 40 years), my agency alone has 5 Harddog’s suits, plus 10 Harddog’s sleeves. We also have 3 suits from other manufacturers, but when we are preparing for whatever training exercises are planned for a given day, our helpers (or handler/helpers) ignore the “other” suits and go automatically to a Harddog’s suit (or sleeve). This, to me, is a hands-on reflection of the thought for the needs, likes and dislikes of the trainers, helpers and handlers which resulted in such superb designs.

The creme de la creme of this company is the commitment to customer satisfaction. On the rare occasion we have experienced some minor problem with a piece of Harddog’s Requisites equipment, a phone call has resulted in “ship it back” — “We’ll fix it” — AND THEY DO!

Technologically advanced equipment — designed with helpers/trainers in mind = fair competitive prices = And with integrity in their customer relations as their guiding value. What more could one ask for!


Don Blair
Canine Associates International
I’ve been using Harddog’s Requisites equipment since I first discovered it in 1996. I started out with the “Soft-Shell Sleeve System™” and absolutely loved the progression and results on all breeds and different types of training. For our hard-biting Police Service and Security Dogs I’ve found nothing better for “real life” advanced training and canine safety than the line of Harddog’s Bite Suits and Civil Jackets. The constant technological advances, high quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service keep me coming back. Great job, Guy!


Scott Claybaugh
Just a few lines to thank you for your outstanding products. I have been a Regional and National level helper over the past 20 years, as well as a K9 trainer with several departments. Harddog’s Requisites is simply the finest equipment I have ever used. The customer service, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, are second to none. Do yourself and your dogs a favor, use Harddog’s Requisites equipment for all of your training needs.


Tim Cruser
When I first used Harddog’s sleeves, I was amazed at the light weight and smooth action of the arms. It almost feels like you have nothing there, giving much better natural feel for the decoy. Their three-sleeve system provides something for every dog in the club.

Harddog’s Bite Suit has proven to be the best in the world. Guy stands 100% behind his products and provides excellent service. A lot of the foundation work on my 1999 North American SchH 3 Champion, QUATTRO, was done with Harddog’s Requisites sleeves, as well as the suit and the exquisite leather muzzle they make. I recommend them and QUATTRO loves them! We can’t wait for the new SHARKBAR™!!!!!”


Fred Fusco, Army Special Operations
“There is no other K9 bite equipment manufacturer with more knowledge and experience than Harddog’s Requisites. I prefer to buy equipment designed and manufactured by people with dog training expertise, and Guy is the Guru of aggression work. I’ve worked with many trainers and handlers in the Special Operations community, and he by far exceeded my expectations.
Even if you have no knowledge of bite equipment, just looking and holding their sleeves, muzzles, or suits, you can definitely see and feel the difference in quality from the other competitors. Their customer service is unrivaled anywhere. The craftsmanship is superior. What is most impressive is that he designs his equipment with the dog’s safety in mind i.e. no hard or hidden fasteners. We only purchased equipment from Harddog’s when I worked in Army Special Operations. That speaks volumes!

One last thing, the soft shell sleeve system is something to really get immersed in. Having the ability to have so many different levels of sleeves and also being able to change the sleeve level by simply changing out covers. That is truly an evolution in sleeve technology. I love having the ability to use different sleeves to vary my dogs’ bite “workouts” much like having different weights in a strength training program. Harddog’s Requisites is definitely the best thing since “sliced bread” in K9 aggression equipment and the first choice in the military special operations K9 community.”


Philip Hoelcher
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience while listening and your expertise in developing equipment that I needed to train the dogs in my Schutzhund group. Over the past 25 years I admit to being what could be called an equipment addict.

Being fortunate enough to have traveled to Europe to represent various Schutzhund teams from the United States, I brought back virtually every sleeve ever made. What has impressed me about your equipment is that you are making a range of choices so that there is a sleeve available to suit the biting abilities of any dog.

I have never been the type of trainer that likes to use one sleeve on every dog and expect the dog to adapt. From the ChompT all the way to the hard sleeve, you have several choices in between that I can use to develop each dog’s grip at his own pace and to suit his particular needs.

This is a great advantage to me as a trainer as it saves me time in the long run as the dogs develop faster. Each training session that produces desired results in the grip of the dog is quality training time.


Officer Ron Jacobelli
Prescott Police Department
Perfect! The muzzle fits perfect — Thank you! Most of all, thank you for the great customer service you extended to me and the Prescott Police Department. In this world of, “you’ll get it when you get it” attitudes, you and Harddog’s Requisites came through for me and my K-9. Thank you again.


Mark Leamer
The Practical Protection Dog
My Harddog’s Requisites Shortie Lite™ is simply the most awesome sleeve I have ever had on my arm. In 30+ years of working dogs, there has never been a sleeve to equal those in the Harddog’s Requisites Softshell Sleeve System™.

The Shortie™ is comfortable and light for me, but more importantly it is a great sleeve for dogs to bite. It is a superb training tool for developing that big full-mouth bite we all want.

If I had my Shortie™ back in the old days I would have given away all my other sleeves to someone I didn’t like. Take it from this old helper — get a Shortie™ and you’ll be glad you did.”


Gary Park
I’m a trainer who works 60 to 80 dogs a week and have almost every product made in my ‘arsenal’ of equipment. I find the Harddog’s Requisites sleeves to be the best system for developing strong, confident grips.

The Shortie™ compressed when used, eventually developing it’s own bite bar. I especially like the Chomp™. It’s like a normal sleeve, but it has a ‘sweet-spot’ which is excellent for teaching the dog to target and to build sureness.

They’re both very light-weight and strong, and are very resilient. I can’t wait to try any new products that Harddog’s Requisites develops.


Sgt. Carl Smith Jr.
Franklin Police Department
I am Sgt. Carl Smith, a certified Level II trainer who resides in Franklin, Tennessee. I have been a police dog handler since 1984. For the past several years I trained Police K-9 units for several different Middle Tennessee Police Departments, while handling training duties for my own department.

In 1998 I began using sleeves and equipment from Harddog’s Requisites. I have used the left and right arm Chomp and intermediate sleeves. I have been extremely pleased with the performance of the equipment and the service Harddog’s Requisites and Guy Hairston have provided. I would highly recommend using Harddog’s Requisites services.


Randy Theen
DVG National Decoy
I have been using your Soft-Shell Sleeve SystemT for nearly two years. I can say, without hesitation, that the dogs that I have worked with have benefited from this series of sleeves. My own dog, in fact, was started on your ShortieT arm, and has progressed very well. His bite today is hard, full and uncompromising. I attribute this in part to the work that you have done to manufacture top-notch equipment.

Although I have been very happy with your equipment in the past, I must comment on your new equipment. I received a new ShortieT from you last week. I have noticed differences in this sleeve compared to sleeves that I have purchased from you before. I am pleased to note that these changes have made the sleeve even better.

I have noticed that you will soon offer a trial sleeve. I was brought up using the same European sleeves that everyone else has used. If your trial sleeve lives up to the reputation set by your Soft-Shell Sleeve SystemT, I am sure that it will far exceed the performance of the European sleeves that we are all used to.

Please let me know when the trial sleeve (Shark BarT)is available. I would like to be the first on the list to order one.


Mike West
White Bear Services
Thanks for my ShortieT sleeve. It has become the best sleeve I’ve ever used for both young, and experienced dogs! In my 32 years of experience, it is without a doubt, the lightest and most comfortable sleeve I’ve ever worn.


Lt. Rick Wiley
Nampa Police Department
The suit is working great! It is the only one our helpers want to use for daily training. It gives more protection and is more flexible than our other suits. Three of our dogs bite very hard and deep and this is the only suit that gives enough protection.