Series II™ Bite Suit

The world’s premier, most versatile police trainer.

Series II Bite Suit

Designed with a generous cut for decoys who like a full, comfortable fit, the Series II™ bite suit is the most versatile police trainer on the market. This suit can handle heavy training while providing the flexibility and movement of a sport suit. The special tailoring and correct fit provide flexibility and comfort without added bulk.

  • The Series II™ Bite Suit

    Shoulders and chest are generously cut for a full build.

  • Sleeves have enough room so the decoy can move freely for front and back arm bites.
  • Intended for heavy, sustained training.
  • Allows the decoy to move with flexibility and a natural gait.
  • A safe biting surface which requires a full grip.
  • Additional reinforcement for tricep and lat bites.