The Shark Bar™ Sleeve

The Shark Bar™ will challenge your dog to any level.

The Shark Bar™ completes the Harddog’s Requisites sleeve arsenal. Twenty years of experience has resulted in the development of a bite-bar unparalleled in design and composition. This firm, one piece molded, light-weight trial sleeve is designed for fast action.

Harddog’s Requisites Shark Bar Sleeves
  • The Shark Bar™ leverages the adept, athletic decoy to test, evaluate and stimulate the dog’s bite.
  • Patented ribs with a Sweet Spot™ promotes spring action, allowing enough give so the dog wants to fight it
  • The strength and integrity of the bite bar is more durable and will not break down and collapse with repeated use
  • Centered, neutral – balanced design allows for extreme athleticism in training
  • Available in varying levels of hardness
Shark Bar Components


  • All Harddog’s Requisites sleeves require our custom cuff for use; order seperately.
Harddog’s Requisites Cuffs