Collars & Tugs

Utility Choke

Our Utility Choke is the essential law-enforcement service duty collar. This fully-adjustable, leather choke is designed to be used in all circumstances for the life of the dog. It is the ideal collar for tracking, protection or obedience.

  • The perfect collar for the working dog.
  • As with all Harddog’s Requisites products, this Utility Choke is made from the very best leather, threads and hardware.
  • The design of the Utility Choke provides a balance between control, build-up and restraint.
  • Using one collar for all purposes prevents “cueing” the dog to upcoming training.

The Falcon Tug™

Finally, a reward good enough for Police Dogs.

Use the Falcon Tug™ as a reward for any training application imaginable. The Falcon Tug™ is ambidextrous; it has a hand grip on the inside, and a pull handle at the other end for two-hand applications. You don’t need anything else.

The Falcon Tug™
Inside the Falcon Tug™
The length of the Falcon Tug™