Bite Suits

We’re serious about our suits

Our bite suits provide unsurpassed durability, superior mobility and “bite-ability,” with maximum safety for decoy and dog. Intense attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to excellence have insured that every Harddog’s Requisites bite suit model is now the worldwide industry standard.

Three models to meet your training requirements:

The Series II™
This suit can handle heavy training while providing the flexibility and movement of a sport suit. The Series II™ is the world’s premier, most versatile trainer.

The Low-Profile Trainer™
This bite suit is designed for the athletic decoy who wants to “feel” the grip. The Low Profile Trainer™ has less material and weight, allowing the athletic decoy to move freely.

The Civil Jacket™
The Civil Jacket™ forces the dog to bite the jacket. The bite is as real as possible in a training suit. It comes as a jacket only, but can also be ordered with the Low-Profile Trainer™ pants.


Highest Quality Materials

Our proprietary materials are engineered to minimize wear on the dog’s teeth and to provide a realistic, safe bite surface while providing protection for the decoy and the dog. Special consideration has been given to the breathability of the fabrics and to the comfort of the decoy.

Designed for Safety

Due to our design philosophy and our concern for your dog, Harddog’s Requisites does not use zippers or hidden fasteners, metal or otherwise. All fasteners are soft, clearly visible and safely biteable. Use of hard or hidden fasteners may harm the dog, cause the dog to be tentative, or create other undesirable behaviors.

Intelligent Design

The fasteners on the jacket are placed in a strut design, so that they move in harmony with the garment and do not restrict the flexibility or movement. The width of the fasteners and the increased flexibility of the sleeves facilitate the decoy being able to fasten and unfasten the jacket without assistance.

Likewise, fasteners secure the pants without hindering the performance. Our latest boot-cut design makes it much easier to put on the pants and take them off.

Product Design & Testing

We utilize contracted laboratories to verify the mechanical properties, flexibility and durability of our materials. Extensive field testing is conducted in different environmental conditions to verify the product designs.

Expert Customer Service

We strive to exceed your customer service expectations, offering full product service and support. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you, to promote your success and to maximize your K-9 training experience.


Harddog’s Requisites guarantees to the original purchaser that all materials and workmanship be free from defect, providing the product has received proper care, maintenance and storage. Also, we can provide repair, reconditioning and component replacement on all our products, thereby extending the life and value of the equipment.


Our Bite Suits are

  • Extremely light-weight
  • Comfortable, flexible
  • Durable construction
  • Highest-quality materials

We are happy to help you select the best suit model and size for your department.