The Chomp™ Sleeve

The Chomp™ teaches the dog proper technique.

The Chomp™ is designed for correctly training a young dog, building a proper foundation by using adult-dog techniques. It teaches the dog proper technique, which is essential before advancing in training, and it is our most popular tool for developing, enhancing and maintaining a correct bite.

Harddog’s Requisites Sleeves
  • The Chomp™ has a Sweet Spot™ that encourages the dog to find the proper biting area.
  • Exceptional for developing and maintaining a full, proper biting technique.
  • Has the same feel and movement as the more advanced Shorties™ for easy progression.
  • A great sleeve for dogs at all levels.
Harddog’s Requisites Sleeves


  • Harddog’s Requisites cuff required for use; sold seperately as it is a replaceable.
Harddog’s Requisites Cuffs